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An extension of time to file your 2017 calendar year income tax return also extends the time to file Form 709 for 2017. Pay Electronically You don t need to file Form 4868 if you make a payment using our electronic payment options. The IRS will automatically process an extension of time to file when you pay part or all of your estimated income tax electronically. You don t have to explain why you re asking for the extension. We ll contact you only if your request is denied. Don t file Form...
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Who needs form 4868?

Form 4868 is the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File a U.S. Individual Tax Return. This the form is designed for all US citizens who pay taxes.

What is form 4868 for?

The form serves to prolong the time given for every individual to file their tax return. It means that if you aren't able to file your tax return by the due date, you should fill out form 4868 that will give you the right to have 6 more months for tax return completion.

However, the extension of the time given for filing tax return does not concern the actual tax payment. It must be done by the due date.

The extension of time to file tax return automatically moves the deadline for completion of the following forms:

  • Form 709

  • Form 1040 and its variants.

Check out the full list of forms that fall under time extension along with tax return on the IRS official website.

Is form 4868 accompanied by other forms?

Generally, the application for time extension does not require any additional form or explanations. However, the individual who is going to fill out form 4868 should clearly understand and evaluate his upcoming tax return.

When is form 4868 due?

Every one who is looking for a time extension to complete their tax return must file the application form 4868 by April, 18, 2017 except fiscal year taxpayers who are to file the form 4868 by the due date of the fiscal year return.

How do I fill out form 4868?

The form 4868 is short and clear. Yet some information should be clarified. To begin with, the form comprises two parts. The first one is for the taxpayer`s identification. You should enter your name, address, and social security number. If it's a joint application, the spouse's name should also be included.

Don't forget to inform the Social Security Administration about any changes of your name or address.

The second part of the form requires information about the amount of tax to be paid. In form 4868 you are allowed to round off the amounts. To fill out the lines suggested in part two use information from your form 1040.

Where do I send form 4868?

You can quickly file form 4868 online on the IRS website with the payment information attached.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 4868
Instructions and Help about irs extension form
Hi everyone this is a belong I wanted toshow you how to file form 4868 which isan application for an automaticextension for u.s. individual nowthere's two things here to think aboutif you are a professional or not aprofessional but if you are you have acompany say you're a single member LLCindependent contract or even in just anindividual w2 income you want to makesure you file your extension form Italked about this a little earlier inthis video as to the reasons why youwant to file and some of the things toconsider and be concerned with whendoing filling out filing out yourextension now the extensions due April18th and you only have a few daysbecause it has to be postmarked on April18 the other thing to know or to note isyou can also pay by credit or debit cardby phone or over the internet with theIRS if you owe money and that's why thisis important you should pay if you don'towe any money you should still file yourextension regardless of whether or notyou have the money to pay or if you'reexpecting a refund you want to make sureyou file the extension because you wantto you want to make sure to not treatyou want to make sure your returns notlatefiling a paper extension is not thathard it's very simple actually and youget an automatic six months extension tofile so your return will be due October17th but you don't want to procrastinatenow before you go there you want thebiggest key is that you need to knowwhether or not you owe money and inorder to do that you have to figure outor find out roughly estimate what yourtotal tax liability is per part two ofthe 4868right here you can see that right thereokay so I have a little spreadsheet thatit will actually work together to showthat as we go here say you're a singlemember LLC or independent contractor andyou have money coming in the first thingyou have to calculate is yourself-employment tax that's reallyimportant and I hope I don't confuse youbut I'll give you some I'll give youways to follow up with me if you havemore questions about this or if you wantme to review what you've calculatedfirst thing is these are allhypothetical numberslet's pretend that you have 75,000 andgross income from the business okay andthese are all your business expensesagain these are all an estimatehealthcare mileage business operatingcost that could be leased you know rentor whatever else you have in thereyour hypothetical net income is fiftyone thousand dollars okaynaive now you have to calculate whatyour self-employment tax would be basedon that in this case you automaticallyget for 2010 you have a deduction ofhalf of the self-employment tax sothat's what that ninety two point threepercent of this number is that's whatthat equalsokay and this spreadsheet automaticallydoesn't all you have to do is plug inthe numbers and it automaticallypopulates it for youso as of the fifty one...
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